Wiring, Communications & Networking

The key to Reliable Communications lies in the ability to use technology and a systems mind set to Manage, Monitor, Optimise and Grow on-demand your IT assets and facilities in such a way that meets service level expectations.

With data centers approaching the limits of their operational capacity limits and with power resources becoming more expensive and constrained, our Data Center Solutions offers a holistic approach to get the best out of your expensive assets.

Fiber Optic Systems are the natural choice when greater bandwidth and low attenuation over longer distances are required. We achieve this for our customers by working with world-class solution partners.

To achieve higher performance connection, we provide standards compliant and premier grade Copper Systems components from point-of-entry all the way to the user’s desk.

Raceway Systems are vertical and horizontal guides designed to enable fast installation, protect, cool and route fiber optic patch cords and multi-fiber cable assemblies.

Our range of Active Equipment enables automatic, accurate, and real-time view of a network while also allowing power resources to be distributed on-demand to any points that requires it.

Our range of Cable & Network Testers are designed to accelerate the Certifying process. The faster the testing process, the less costs are incurred. This is why we supply only the best equipment.

Our range of Labeling Systems are designed for critical systems, where high-performance labelling materials are a requisite to clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions.

Why do we offer only the best Tools & Accessories? Because any Professional installers will tell you that speed, neatness, safety and security are essential for quality installations and excellent cable management.